VitaMood+ Review

VitaMood+ isn’t your average supplement.  While many supplements are so focused on one thing or another, VitaMood+ addresses the problem from the top down.  How?  By focusing on mood.  Using a blend of vitamins, minerals, and herbal ingredients, VitaMood+ Mood Enhancer is a great, natural solution to try before going the pharmaceutical route.  In our review of VitaMood, we’ll be doing analysis of the ingredients, the efficacy and finally, the price.  After that, we’ll give you our rating, as well as why we’ve decided to recommend it or not.

VitaMood+ Ingredients

There are quite a few ingredients that make VitaMood possible.  They range from ingredients like Vitamin D3, to ingredients like L-Tryptophan and GABA, and they different enough bases that they don’t overlap and cause side effects.  That’s attention to detail, truly.  You can view the ingredient list at the end of the review.

Because of the attention to effective ingredients, and a wide variety of them, we’re going to give Vita Mood+ a high rating for ingredients.  5/5 Stars.Vitamood+ Ingredient RatingThere are a few we want to look at, but we’re primarily going to concentrate on the proprietary blend for Vitamood+.  There are a few that we really like in here.  GABA is a GREAT ingredient, and one you should be taking anyway.  Valerian is calming, and one of our favorite tea ingredients.  Tryptophan is the amino acid in turkey that makes you feel drowsy, but used in the right amounts, it gives a calming influence as well.  The combination of all these ingredients is one of mood stabilizing, and one that works well.

VitaMood+ Efficacy

VitaMood + is one of the more effective OTC mood improvement supplements we’ve covered here.  There seems to be a consensus online as well.  VitaMood doesn’t go out of their way to provide proof, but even a cursory look around for studies and trials will get you some great literature on how the ingredients can perform.  There’s no question to the efficacy.

Vitamood+ Efficacy Rating 5/5 Stars

Vitamood+ Price

Mood improvement doesn’t come cheap.  Whether it’s prescription or not, pills that work to improve mood are a hot commodity in the marketplace today.  Pricing ranges from the lowest at under $10, to premium at $100 and up.  That’s not considering prescription, which can range far above that premium number.  Prices for Vitamood+ come in somewhere in the middle of the two.  At $63.45 on the website and on amazon, there’s not much in term of wiggle room on the price for this one.  There’s also not a trial program (that we’re aware of), so it limits the places you can buy.  

Vitamood+ Price Rating

Because of the lack of buying options, and the hardline price, we’re going to rate Vitamood Plus at a 3/5.  We awarded it 3 stars because of the somewhat competitive price, and the value that the product represents on the whole.


This set of ingredients is effective.  No doubt about that.  Just look at the studies around some of the ingredients, and you’ll see that many of them are commonly recommended alternatives to prescription medications.  Things like Gaba, Tryptophan–they’re great resources for people who are struggling with mood and/or sleep.

VitaMood + Efficacy Rating

Because of the widely available, documented information on the effects of these ingredients, and others, VitaMood+ scores very highly in our rating.  Rating: 5/5

VitaMood+ Review Rating

So how does Vitamood+ Stack up overall?  In our time spent looking at the product, we’ve found that the product is a good choice for people who want to improve mood.  But it does have a higher price point than some supplements we’ve covered.  So while we’re not going to give it a flawless rating by any means, we are still going to rate it highly.  We’re giving Vitamood+ a 4/5 stars.  If they lower the price in the future, we’ll bump that up to a 5/5.

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Vitamood+ Mood Enhancer Ingredients: Amount/Serving %DV
Vitamin D3 1200IU 250%
Folic Acid 10mg 2500%
Zinc 30mg 200%
Chromium 120ug 100%
Vitamood+ Proprietary Blend: 1174mg **
Valerian Extract  
L-Tryptophan USP  
Full-Spectrum Flavonoids
Passionflower Extract
Piperine Extract  
Huperzine A  
** DV Not Established