UltraPur Forskolin Review

If you’ve been trying to lose weight for awhile, you’ve probably heard of UltraPur Forskolin.  This forksolin supplement from Phenom Health is popular; no doubt about that.  But given its popularity, we have even more questions about the supplement itself.  Does it work?  Or, more specifically, does it work the way the company says it does?  That’s a question we’re going to answer in our review of UltraPur Forskolin.  Along the way, we’re going to look at things like price, ingredients and efficacy before ending with our overall rating.  Let’s go!

Ultrapur Forskolin TrialUltraPur Forskolin Ingredients

True to form, UltraPur Forskolin is using a standardized blend of Coleus forskohlii extract.  This makes for a 20% content ratio of forksolin, which is the ideal.  Beyond that, there aren’t any other active ingredients.  The only two ingredients other than forskolin are used in the capsule, and include Gelatin and Rice Flour.  We like that UltraPur Forskolin pills are focused on forskolin the ingredient, and not venturing out into other ingredients. 

UltraPur Forskolin Ingredient Rating 

Because of the focus on Forskolin, and the standardized extract, we think this is a very good example of a forskolin weight loss supplement.  For that, we’re giving UltraPur a rating of 5/5 for ingredients. Rating: 5/5 Stars

UltraPur Forskolin Efficacy

There’s always been some question as to how effective Forskolin actually is.  Forskolin is thought to raise cAMP levels, which happens via an activation of the enzyme adenylyl cyclase.  cAMP, or cyclic AMP is an important messenger that works as a signal for your cells.   But as far as how it works in terms of weight loss, that is a little more complicated.  For some, it has shown promise.  But for others, not so much.  Some  studies we saw on the ingredient pointed to an affinity for weight management, and not necessarily weight loss.  But there are plenty of articles out there that support Forskolin as an effective weight loss agent.

Ultrapure Forskolin Efficacy Rating

The jury may still be out on UltraPur Forskolin, but we think that it’s still a good choice if you’re going to use forskolin.  It’s standardized to the levels that are recommended, and doesn’t have the fillers or chemicals that a lot of other supplements carry.  That means that it will be in line with, or leading Forskolin supplements in terms of efficacy.  5/5 stars

UltraPur Forskolin Price

Prices for UltraPur Forskolin are a bit higher than some of the supplements that Phenom Health carries.  But because they offer a few ways to buy, and a trial offer ripe for the trying, we still think they’re doing well in the price category.  A bottle of UltraPur Pills goes for $67.96 on Amazon, and $84.95 through the Phenom Health site.  Additionally, there’s an ongoing trial.  You have to get invited, but it’s open to everybody after that.  You can access the trial via our link by clicking the images on this page.  The trial offers a good way to try the product before buying at the prices listed above.  You can learn more about the trial by clicking the banner below.

UltraPur Forskolin Price Rating

The rating for UltraPur Forskolin is something we’re confident in it.  Because of the variety of options available, including trial and buy options, and a variety of payment options including paypal, we’re going to give UltraPur a price rating of 5/5 stars.

UltraPur Forskolin Review:  Final Thoughts

There are some things we don’t like about UltraPur Forskolin, but they’re also things we don’t like about Forskolin supplements in general.  That’s something that you’ll have to make up your mind on.  Would you be better suited using a Garcinia supplement if you want something natural?  Or do you want to try something new.  If you do, the trial is right for you.  Click any of the images to give it a shot.  Final rating 5/5 stars.

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