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Given the demand for Phenom Health Reviews, we’ve decided to start a website to house reviews specifically for their products.  We think that this approach will help users find good, substantive reviews for the products high in the search results.  It willl also showcase some of the Phenom Health products people wouldn’t have otherwise known about.  There are a lot of products to cover, and they run the gambit from natural weight loss supplements, to muscle building, to cognitive performance.  This is going to be our Phenom Health Reviews central, and we’ll have sections below that will link to the individual reviews.  Let’s get started. 

Phenom Health Reviews: About The Company

There are a lot of less than reputable companies out there in the supplement world.  Phenom Health is not one of those companies.  They’ve proven time and time again that they’re at the forefront of the supplement world.  Each product they’ve released has been of the utmost quality.  Add to that a company-wide focus on customer experience and satisfaction, and you have recipe for a good product.  Well, products.  Phenom Health built on early success in the supplement market and has branched out from weight loss supplements into brain function, and muscle development supplements.  Is that where they’ll stop?  We’re not sure.  There are some products that don’t exactly fit into those categories, like Triton-3 Elite and iQ Omega-3 Elite, which are more general health supplements.

Phenom Health Reviews: Product Categories

Like we mentioned above, there are a few different categories for our Phenom Health Reviews.  The biggest ones we’ve seen have been following the categories of Weight Loss, Muscle Building, and Brain Health.  But those categories could easily be broken down even further.  For example, look at one of the more popular Phenom Health products; Phenom Health Nature Renew.  It’s a colon cleanse supplement.  That’s something that may get marketed as a weight loss supplement regularly.  But it’s not primarily a weight loss supplement.  It’s meant to promote gastric health and efficiency.  That’s why we’re going to split a few of the categories when we cover them below. 

Phenom Health Reviews: Weight Loss

Phenom Health is highly regarded in the weight loss community.  They have great, naturally-focused products.  And because they use a variety of approaches, there’s something here for everybody.  If you want to burn belly fat, there’s a supplement for that.  If you want to prevent weight gain, there’s a supplement for that, too.  Better yet, most of the weight loss supplements are cleverly designed so they’re able to be used together.  That’s a step above what we usually expect, and another sign of a high quality company.  Below, you’ll find our list of the Phenom Health Reviews for their weight loss supplements.

Phenom Health Garcinia Supplements:

Phenom Health Reviews: Garcinia Clean XT – We have a full review of this one in the works, so stay tuned.  But Garcinia Clean XT has proven to be a popular supplement for Phenom Health.  Their formula focuses on using all-natural ingredients, which guarantees a 60% ratio of the active ingredient, HCA.  You can read our full review of Phenom Health’s Garcinia Clean XT, here.

Phenom Health Reviews: Garcinia Lean Xtreme – Garcinia is a great ingredient, it’s just an added plus that it’s natural.  But for some of us, we don’t necessarily care that they’re using natural ingredients, we just want results fast.  Garcinia Lean Xtreme uses 100% Garcinia extract to get you feeling lean, fast.  You can check out our full review of Phenom Health’s Garcinia Lean Xtreme pills, here.

Phenom Health Cleanse Supplements:

This category is fairly slim, pun intended.  But we’ve made it a category of its own with good reason. 

Nature Renew 9x Colon Cleanse – Alright, it might not have the most attractive name.  But the Nature Renew Colon Cleanse supplement is undoubtedly effective.  It’s focused on detoxifying the body via gastric cleansing.  That means you’re essentially clearing out built up waste from your intestinal tract (including the colon).  It’s a natural product powered by the Nature Renew proprietary blend, which includes a nice probiotic blend for added efficacy.  Learn more about Nature Renew Colon Cleanse in our full review here.

Phenom Health Fat Burning Supplements:

While you could technically group some of the other supplements into this category, Phenom Health has put a focus on fat burning with their metabolism boosting Bioslim Burn.

Phenom Health Reviews: Bioslim Burn – Feel the burn, baby!  Bioslim Burn is a fast-acting thermogenic weight loss supplement designed to do one thing, and do it well—Burn Fat!  Is it effective?  What ingredients is it using?  Those are questions we’ll answer in our in-depth review of Phenom Health’s Bioslim Burn.

Phenom Health Reviews: ULTRApur Forskolin – On the other end of the fat-burning spectrum, you have natural supplements like ULTRApur Forskolin.  It uses the natural cAMP stimulating power of forskolin to help users eliminate stored fat.   You can read more about Phenom Health’s foray into Forskolin with our review of ULTRApur, here.

Phenom Health Muscle Building Supplements

Phenom Health is really just getting started on focused muscle building supplements, but their two entries are different enough to warrant two unique subcategories; testosterone and nitric oxide.

Phenom Health Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone supplements are big business these days.  It makes sense.  All men eventually go through their cycle of decreasing testosterone as they age.  Just about all of them agree that it’s a problem.  So, whether or not Phenom Health solves that issue with their supplement, or not, there is a demand.  Let’s take a closer look at their entry into testosterone supplements.

Phenom Health Reviews: TestX Core – TestX Core is built as a dedicated Testosterone boosting formula.  This simple goal proves to be effective at improving a variety of performance issues.  That includes some bedroom benefits.  You can read more about Phenom Health’s TestX Core in our review, here.

Phenom Health Nitric Oxide Supplements

If testosterone is the slow, deep burn, then Nitric Oxide is the flash in the pan.  There are a lot of supplements out there targeting this area, but Phenom Health has shown their mettle with a solid entry into the competitive workout arena.  Let’s get acquainted, shall we?

Phenom Health Reviews: NO Max Shred – When you want to boost performance, you want a product like Phenom Health’s NO Max Shred in your corner.  From muscle growth, to strength and performance, NO Max Shred is an effective choice.  There’s a lot more to it than this brief summary, so be sure to read up with our review of NO Max Shred, here.

Phenom Health Brain Health Supplements:

Phenom Health is no stranger to success.  So it makes sense that they would venture into a very popular supplement category; brain health.  They have two entries into that category, and another one that covers brain, and overall health.  Let’s take a closer look at these supplements.

Phenom Health Reviews: Omega-3 IQ Elite – While this supplement is billed specifically as a brain boosting formula, it’s better described as an overall health supplement.  It features Omega-3 fatty acids, like those found in fish oil, which helps support better health, longevity and brain performance.  You can see our full breakdown of Omega 3 IQ Elite, here.

Phenom Health Reviews: Triton-3 Elite Premium Krill Oil – Keeping in the vein of beneficial oils, Triton-3 krill oil provides a set of phospholipids, which elp to boost heart, mind and body.  This is a great supplement, maybe the best they have.  To read our review of Triton 3, click the link.  You’re going to like this one.

Phenom Health Reviews: VitaMood+ Mood Enhancer – While not technically a nootropic, VitaMood+ works specifically to improve mood with ingredients that improve brain health.  That includes relaxing ingredients like Tryptophan and GABA, as well as a slew of vitamins and minerals to round out the mix.  This is another supplement we really like.  See why in our review of Phenom Health VitaMood+, here.

Phenom Health Reviews: CerebralX  – CerebralX is one of our favorites from Phenom Health.  Great ingredients, better effects.  Learn more about CerebralX in our review, here.

Phenom Health Reviews: The Criteria

So we’ve covered which products we’ll be reviewing from Phenom Health, but we still want to talk about how we’ll be reviewing them.  The three main criteria that we’re going to look at are going to be; ingredients, price, and efficacy.  But those criteria gather in a few different ideas as well. 


If you read the above sections, then you probably already know that we tend to favor natural ingredients.  But that’s not the end-all.  We favor ingredients that have effects that are proven by clinical studies.  So while that might put supplements with newer ingredients at a disadvantage,  we think it’s still the right choice. 


Even if we really like a supplement, it doesn’t matter how good the ingredients are if we can’t afford to buy it.  That’s a deal-breaker.  We’re guessing it’s s deal-breaker for our readers, too.  That’s why we made price a category of its own.  We’ll penalize supplements that break from the industry mean, and reward those that meet, or undercut that mark.


This is a really tough criteria to accurately discuss.  On one hand, the products need to work for us to give them a good rating.  But aside from running our own clinical tests, there’s not much we can do to assess this accurately.  We’ll be looking at a combination of user reviews, and clinical evidence that supports the ingredients present in the product before giving our rating.

Final Rating:

This last area is a full synthesis of our criteria into one, easy to follow rating.  We’ll provide a numerical rating between 0-100, and provide a summary as to why we’re giving that number.

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