Omega-3 IQ Elite

Health isn’t as focused as supplement makers make it out to be.  There’s a certain ebb and flow between seemingly disconnected areas of our health.  So by focusing on one area, are you doing yourself a disservice on the whole?  That’s a question that Omega-3 IQ Elite really focuses in on.  The supplement uses a premium source of Omega-3 fatty acids to give your whole body some love.  Derived from wild-caught fish found deep in the ocean, Omega 3 IQ Elite gives benefits in memory, joint health and in general longevity.  In our review of Omega-3 IQ Elite, we’ll look at the ingredients used, the overall efficacy of the formula, then talk briefly about how the product stacks up in price comparison.

Omega-3 IQ Elite Ingredients

Ingredients for Omega-3 IQ Elite are limited.  But in a focused supplement like this, that’s a good thing.  The entirety of the active formula is composed of Fish Oil.  Within this fish oil, you have a significant amount of EPA and DHA.  EPA, or Eicosapentaenouic Acid, is a great fatty acid.  It’s widely proven as a natural anti-inflammatory ingredient, and has a long list of benefits resulting from that effect.  DHA, or Docosahexaenoic Acid, is another Omega-3 fatty acid, and is renowned for its health-building effects.  In summary, the high quality fish oil, and resulting omega-3 fatty acids are a great sign of quality ingredients. 

Omega-3 IQ Elite Ingredient Rating

Our rating for Omega-3 IQ Elite’s ingredients rate out very highly at a 5/5 stars.  We think that that rating is appropriate given the natural sourcing of the product, and the reliance on the fish oil, instead of condensing unnatural amounts of the fatty acids into the product.

Omega-3 IQ Elite Efficacy

Does Omega-3 IQ Elite work?  It’s the question you should be asking.  Put differently, the efficacy of the formula should be your chief concern.  So, does Omega 3 IQ Elite work?  Yes.  But it’s also important to note that the full benefits of regular fish oil supplementation are just starting to be uncovered.  We know a few things, it helps with inflammation, and some memory related problems.  Beyond that, all the benefits have to do with the benefits derived from its anti-inflammatory properties.

Omega-3 IQ Elite Efficacy Rating

Given the known benefits of fish oil supplementation, and the quality of the fish oil used in this formula, we’re going to give Omega 3 IQ Elite an efficacy rating of 5/5 stars.  Keep in mind, this isn’t a silver bullet kind of supplement, rather a great general health supplement that happens to benefit the mind.

Omega-3 IQ Elite Price

This is the cheapest of all the supplements carried by Phenom Health.  Compared to other, similar products, it stacks up at around the mid level mark.  It’s far from luxury prices, but it’s also not in the basement under the $10 mark.  We think that this is probably due to the quality of the oil they’re using in the formula, or maybe the amount of product they reliably put on the market.   Either way, you can nab a bottle of Omega-3 IQ for under $20 through the Phenom Health site, or for $16 on Amazon.  There isn’t a trial option for this one, which is a little disappointing.  But when you consider that you would only save around $10 to try it, there’s not a real demand for it.

Omega-3 IQ Elite Price Rating

Because Omega-3 IQ Elite is the cheapest supplement offered by Phenom Health, we think they deserve a flawless rating.  But because the formula is more expensive than a lot of Omega-3 supplement prices, we’ve dropped a half a point from the formula.  Still, at around $16, it’s competitive. Rating: 4 1/2/5 stars

Omega-3 IQ Elite Review Rating

We’ve included a lot of information in this review that we hope you found helpful.  We’re big fans of this supplement.  It has a good blend of fish oil, is effective, and because it’s natural and fairly priced we’re going to give it a 4.75/5 Stars.

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