Garcinia Clean XT Review

Weight loss is one of the hardest things we face as adults.  Whether it’s from bad eating habits engrained in us from a young age, or a genetic predisposition, or from an injury that keeps us from working out, we all experience weight gain in periods of our life.  But this wouldn’t be America if we didn’t want to do a hard thing better.  That’s the Garcinia Clean XT mantra.  Do weight loss better.  But instead of going the more common route of thermogenics (like they do with BioSlim Burn), they’ve decided to go au natural.  It’s a clean approach, and because they’re using Garcinia Cambogia, we think it’s going to be an effective one. 

 In our review of Garcinia Clean XT, we’re going to look at what makes this one tick in our section on ingredients.  Then, we’ll look at price.  How much is it, where is it available, is it worth that price?  Those are all questions we want to address.  Then we’ll talk efficacy.  This is a hot topic in weight loss, so we want to discuss the efficacy of not only Garcinia Clean XT, but Garcinia on the whole.  Along the way, we’ll provide links to the Garcinia Clean XT trial, should you want to purchase it. 

Garcinia Clean XT Ingredient List

Before we list the ingredients, let’s talk Garcinia supplements.  There are a lot of Garcinia supplements out there, and biggest complaint we see about them is ingredients.  Companies are consistently sneaking in other ingredients.  If you want to use Garcinia, you want a supplement that focuses on a natural Garcinia extract almost entirely.  In the case of Garcinia Clean XT, they’re solely focused on that ingredient.  In fact, the only active ingredient in the formula is a standardized 60% HCA Garcinia Cambogia extract.    There are a few other, non-active ingredients, but those are limited to the ingredients used to make the capsule itself. 

Garcinia Clean XT Ingredient Rating: 5/5 Stars

Garcinia Clean XT Price

We’ve come to the part of our review where we need to talk about a few things.  Garcinia Clean XT is available in a few formats, so discussing price is difficult.  We’ve seen standalone bottles range anywhere from $85.95 – $67.96, depending on where they’re being sold.  But we’ve also been given access to a special offer that allows users to try the product for around $5, before paying full price for a bottle.  So, like we said, there are options.  If you don’t want the hassle of a trial, then there’s the full-priced option.  We’re going to knock off a full point because the supplement is expensive, but we’re going to hold at a solid 4/5 because of the buying options available.    

Garcinia Clean XT Price Rating: 4/5 Stars

Garcinia Clean XT Efficacy

The efficacy of Garcinia as a weight loss supplement is one of the most debated topics in the weight loss world right now.  There are studies that say it gives substantial weight loss results, and there are studies that say the efficacy is inconclusive.  But there is a ton of reviews out there for Garcinia products in general, and the consensus we’re seeing is that it does work for a lot of people.  If you want an overview on this ingredient, here’s a good intro article.  If you want more scientific minded stuff, here’s a nice study on the various studies into Garcinia efficacy.  So, how do we rate Garcinia Clean XT in terms of efficacy?  As a Garcinia supplement, it’s 5/5 in terms of efficacy.  You won’t find a dedicated Garcinia supplement that works better.  But in terms of Garcinia as a whole, we would give that a 3/5.  That’s mostly because Garcinia doesn’t work for everybody.  So for our final efficacy rating, Garcinia Clean XT is getting a solid 4/5 stars.

Garcinia Clean XT Efficacy Rating: 4/5 stars

Garcinia Clean XT Final Rating

GarciniaClean XT has proven to be a viable contender for the best Garcinia supplement out there.  But that’s mostly because it’s dedicated solely to the ingredient.  In all the studies that support Garcinia, that focus has also been singular.  We also appreciate the variety of buying (and trying options).  Efficacy is still debatable, but given the ability to try out Garcinia Clean XT, it’s easy to see if it works for you.  So weighing all of those ratings, we’ve decided to give Garcinia Clean XT a 4.75/5.  We decided that the buying options for Garcinia Clean XT made it almost impossible to rate it poorly, and the quality of the supplement is top notch.  For that, it deserves our final rating.

Garcinia Clean XT Rating: 4.75/5 stars.

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